Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Upcycled TV Console-Not edible, but still Erin's

I have been interested in wood working/upcycling furniture lately. I know, I know, a new hobby, whomp whomp! 
Whelp, below is a picture timeline of the steps to create my upcycled TV console.

This is the goal, colors will be different.
Removing the guts of the TV. (Don't let the picture fool you, Sheehan did 90% of the gut removal.)

"Sheehan, get it n the TV."

Late Night Sanding
Priming Take 1.
Primer Coat 1

Primer Coat 2
Rutt Row, I should have listened to Sheehan. He kept telling me, "Erin, this needs to be sanded." I kept saying, it didn't. Well, it did. Had to sand off the primer and the original top coat.

Priming Take 2.
Sheehan did most of the sanding, again.

Sanded, ready to be primed.
Re-Primed after the sandings
Spray painted blue

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